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Whether it’s your high-profile job or your classic car collection, there’s a wide range of factors that could make you a successful individual with specialized insurance needs. Take a look at our featured services to see what’s right for you. If you don’t see what you need here, get in touch with our team to build a personalized program.


If your home is valued at over $750,000, you may want to consider the added benefits of a high value home insurance policy. With this type of policy, you’ll get broader policy limits and coverage, valuable added services, and hands-on claims assistance. This includes coverage for costly equipment repairs for wine refrigeration, utilities, and more.
Everyone needs auto insurance, but if you’re driving high value vehicles like exotic or high-performance sports cars, you’ll likely want to get more expansive coverage to protect your investment. This type of policy can help establish an agreed value for your automobile and give you coverage for custom parts and equipment.
For additional coverage to your assets beyond your home and auto policies, consider investing in umbrella insurance. This added net worth coverage is helpful if you’re dealing with the unique risks of teen drivers in the household, high profile individuals, swimming pool owners, and more.
If you own fine jewelry, coins, or art, it’s likely worth the investment to protect these rare and high value assets. Fine wine, couture clothing, furs, sports memorabilia, and more are all assets that could get coverage with this policy type.
As a high net worth individual, your odds of being targeted for fraud are much higher than the average person. You may want to consider additional protection against this increased risk.
This specialized insurance can help you cover towing and wreckage removal, keep you from being liable for fuel spills, and more depending on your needs.
Get specialized coverage for your prized classic car collection.

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