You shouldn’t have to speak insurance to get covered.
That’s our job.

For security and peace of mind, you and your business need insurance. 

With so many providers and plans to choose from, sometimes what you need most is a dedicated team member in your corner to make sure you get the coverage that’s right for you, without industry jargon complicating the process.

Whether your goal is to set up health and benefits for your employees, get specialized coverage for your own assets, or something else entirely, our team is here to make it happen. With proactive communication and specialized services, we make insurance as easy as possible. Bottom line, this is a relationship- not a transaction.

Focused and educated

We realize that we can’t be everything to everyone, and we don’t try to be. By focusing on our strengths, we’re able to deliver targeted, personal service to clients like yourself. We specialize in the oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing industries. We understand that risks carry weight beyond the dollar value. When you trust us with your business, you’ll get the coverage you need without paying for the coverage you don’t.


To understand more about our services, including general liability, business auto, workers comp coverage and more click below.

It’s important to protect your high value personal assets the way you would your business. Let us protect what is important to you.

Have time to focus on the HR items on your desk while we focus on your health and benefits plan. See how we can help.

Get covered in just 4 steps.

Step 1

A quick conversation

We’ll have a quick conversation to get a feel for your business. We'll simply ask a few questions that will point us both in the right direction.
Step 2

Assess your needs

We’ll review your current coverage and do our own research to see what’s lacking and what you’re overpaying for.
Step 3

Get your plan

After researching, we’ll go over our findings with you and present an action plan based on the results.
Step 4

Adjust as needed

Our team will be here to answer any questions or concerns you may have at any time.


No two businesses are exactly alike, so neither are the programs we build with our customers.

  • I was able to get a great health and benefits plan for my employees. The oil and gas industry comes with a lot of unique needs, so Equify’s experience made the process much smoother than what I’ve come to expect from others I have worked with in the past.
  • I found out after talking with my Equify rep that I had been missing out on coverage for my high value assets. I hadn’t even realized my net worth was considered high! I’ve got so much more peace of mind now knowing that I’m covered, and thanks to my rep I know I’m up to speed on everything.
  • I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have someone explain my coverage in simple terms. I’ve got a business to run and with my old insurance guys it felt like I was wasting hours on the phone just to get a straight answer from my rep. I highly recommend the Equify team.